I'm a 54-year old primary school teacher in Seinäjoki (Finland).I started birdwatching in Seinäjoki area in the middle of 1970's. In my youth I often headed for Alajoki in spring time and I came to know near forests when counting birds, setting birdhouses and at feeding places. As I studied to be a teacher I learnt to know the rich bird places in Oulu area, e.g. Liminganlahti. My first job was in Hyvinkää, where they had an active ornithological society called HyLy. I went along to the outings to Virolahti, Hanko, the Gulf of Finland and Helsinki area. I started to photograph with a system camera at the end of 1980's. Together with birdwatchers from Hyvinkää I made two photo trips to Kenya. In my digital photo archives I have also photos of Finnish birds and mammals. I started digital video photography in 2000. I film birds and nature in Ostrobothnia. Apart from  digital camcorder (Canon xm-1) I use the Canopus EZ DV video editing card and Adobe 6.0 picturehandling-program. My digiscoping equipment is Nikon Coolpix 4500 camera with Leica Apo Televid 77 scope. Digital camera is Canon Canon EOS-1D Mark IV and mostly used lens is Canon 500mm IS USM.

since 25.01.2001